You will experience basic maths ideas, everyday uses, some history of maths, some puzzles and problem solving. A calculator would be handy. Plenty of handouts will be available for practice. Small costs involved, ask Tutor.
Rediscover the joys of Mathematics. With an emphasis on problem solving and real life application, those mathematical skills and concepts that may have been forgotten, but not lost, are reviewed. Some new mathematical ventures and associated principals not previously
encountered are also featured. Revision will always be apart of this course.
This course will focus in 2018 on the Illiad of Homer and examine the classical age of Greece. It will cover myths and legends, theatre and masked performance, societyand democracy. No previous knowledge of ancient Greece is necessary.
We use language from (almost) the time we are born. How does it work? How is it different from non-human languages? How do we use language to negotiate our way through social interactions? Has power, gender and culture got anything to do with language? We will explore these many facets of this remarkable tool we humans have.
This is a self-motivated discussion group and members are encouraged to offer topics to explore ancient beliefs and philosophies with an open mind. Some subjects may challenge your viewpoint while you have the opportunity to examine a wide spectrum of data from a different perspective.
In 2018 we will be reading and discussing Shakespeare and his writing using the texts “Richard” and “Henry IV”. We will look at the plays in their contexts as well as considering their present day relevance. Whether you are familiar with the plays or you know nothing about them you will be welcome.
First class (each term) ‘Wild rocks - Pet rocks’. Then, continuing the series on THE PLANETS which will include aspects of the universe both ultra-gigantic and infrapuny.      or                 46877659:
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