Office Opening Hours Philomonic Performance Centre -  during term -from 9.00am till 4.00pm.
     Phone  4687 7659
April 10th  -  Wednesday Newsletter Mail out
April 10th - Wednesday AGM and General Meeting commencing after the Mail out
April 23rd  -  Tuesday 2nd Term Starts
June 21st  -  Friday 2nd Term ends (making this a 9 week Term)
July 3rd  -  Wednesday Newsletter Mail out
July 15th  -  Monday 3rd Term Starts
September 13th  -  Friday 3rd Term ends (making this a 9 week Term)
September 25th  -  Wednesday Newsletter Mail out
October 8th  -  Tuesday 4th Term Starts
November 29th  -  Friday 4th Term ends (making this an 8 week Term)
December 3rd  -  Tuesday U3A Showtime      or                 46877659:
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