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Crows Nest Branch

Australian History in Action

This 16 week course over two terms covers unique events in our history of "exceptionalism". How we have evolved, diverged from and melded into today's society from the 1600's. It is not a time and events list, but an interactive course bringing our real history alive.

Celtic Spirituality

This course explores Celtic spirituality through the study of the history of early Christianity in Britain and Ireland. It also examines the spirituality of two sixth century saints, Columbia and Columban, with a view to developing and enhancing our own spirituality. Because of the inclusive nature of Celtic spirituality, the course
is structured to appeal to those of all faiths and beliefs, including atheism.

Discussion / Debating Group

Open up your minds and the minds of other participants on a wide range of "self-selected" topics such as current affairs. Stimulating debates, discussions and varied opinions make this a lively 2 hour session

Family History Workshop

If you have started your family history journey but need some help sorting through the information you have, come  along and join our group.  You will be shown various ways of sorting and keeping everything together.   We will also be looking at how and where to continue our research. Laptop or other WiFi device an advantage, but not essential

Internet Cloud and Social Media

Introduction to the internet, web sites and search engines, cloud facilities like storage, applications on demand. Social media introduction - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

Introduction to Informatiom Technology

Looking at early stages of IT Systems Management - Photography - Internet Usage - Music - Word Processing - Spreadsheets - Podcasts - Facebook & Messenger


Ancient Chinese game played for fun and friendship

Medieval Women Mystics

In this course we will explore life in the middle ages, attitudes to women, women in medieval art, and the beguines. We will also study in depth the lives and legacies of medieval women mystics, including Julian of Norwich, Hildergard of Bingen, Joan of Arc, Catherine of Sienna, & many more.


Support is offered to anyone who wishes to decorate household items, garden ornaments or anything else. Using broken crockery, tiles, glass, found objects or purpose bought from shop stuff.

Symphonic Sounds

This course is designed to be un-designed and to evolve. We will be listening to classical music and talking about it. We are not experts, but appreciate this sort of music and hope we will entice like-listening people, from
un-initiated beginners to local maestros. We envisage a two hour session with a major piece, and a break for
discussion and refreshments, followed by shorter pieces - but you may know better.


A beginner's course for those who want to have fun playing the ukulele.
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