Card making

We will create greeting cards in various styles using a range of materials, tools and techniques. You will need your own basic kit of supplies including a cutting mat, wet and dry adhesives, ruler, good scissors etc (more detail in Lesson 1)

Counted Cross Stitch for Beginners

Step by step instructions on learning the art of Counted Cross Stitch. Informative advice is given on different types of fabrics, understanding the chart, sewing techniques, thread variances and stitching and actual design. Time and patience required to master thiscraft.
BEWARE! Cross Stitch is addictive.

Introduction to Gem Stones and Minerals

A short course to introduce participants to the wide range of gemstones and minerals. The class focuses on gemstone sources, historical uses and gemmological properties to enable gemstones to be identified using basic gemmological equipment. A wide range of natural, synthetic, imitation and treated gemstones and minerals will be discussed and handled.

Knitting and Crocheting

We are a ‘chat and do’ group! We help each other and receive inspiration and encouragement from fellow members.

Lead Lighting - Advanced

This advanced class is designed to assist students in enhancing and building on previous knowledge. Students can work on set projects and / or work on their own projects with the opportunity to bounce ideas off their peers.

Lead lighting - Beginners Level

Learn this fascinating art form from the basics. Tools are provided to use during classes. You will learn to leadlight, copper foil, etch, increase or decrease a pattern. Advanced students often work on their own projects.

Pottery for Beginners

Learn a range of basic techniques, including slip casting, press moulding, hand and wheel work, glaze decoration and firing.

Scrap booking

The first classes will be spent working on set sample scrapbook pages as you learn the basic tools, techniques and supplies as well as some design and colour theory. The later lessons you will work on your own layouts using your own choice of papers etc. Tutor will supply design ideas/page plans, assistance as needed as well as a die cutting machine and other tools for creating decorative elements for your pages. You will need your own basic kit of supplies including a cutting mat, wet and dry adhesives, ruler, scissors etc. (more detail in Lesson 1.)

Sewing Circle

Members will do their own projects and assist each other as much as possible. The group will have a facilitator to organise necessary business. Guest Tutors may be invited in from time to time to teach new skills.


Tatting is lace making using a shuttle and thread. We will learn to make rings and chains, techniques to expand the range of possible objects, and how to translate instructions into actions.


Learn basic wood turning, design and tool sharpening skills from beginner to intermediate standard. First four participants will be in the morning class, the remainder in the afternoon class.

Woodburn Carving

Woodburn Carving is a light two dimensional carve on a soft wood, usually pine. The wood is firstly burnt with a blow torch giving a light tan on both sides. A design or pattern is transferred to the wood using carbon paper. The design is then carved with a fine gouge being careful
to get a clean crisp line. When outline is completed a6-8mm gouge is used to lift out certain areas to give picture depth. Sandpaper can be used to obtain various effects. When finished, the wood block carving can also be used to print from, if desired. The finished picture is
routed and sprayed with polyurethane for a nice finish.
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