Advanced Apple iPad / iPhone Interest Group

For U3A members who consider they have good knowledge and skills in using the Apple iPad / iPhone who want to participate in a course
based on online participation, interaction and learning. A monthly newsletter will keep participants up to date about the Apple iPad
and iPhone, and evaluate some of the latest Apps. Members’ iPad/ iPhone problems will be resolved and active participation in sending
in problems and solutions for discussion, encouraged. There will be advanced tutorials on topics suggested by members; eg there may be an evaluation of various storage options and/or battery re-chargers, or backing up/updating and/or restoring your iPhone/iPad to a Mac
or PC computer using iTunes. Participants will largely determine the direction that the Interest Group takes. To join, simply email me.
The initiative will be trialled for the first two terms.


• How to incorporate herbs into your diet • Health properties of common herbs • Herbs in the kitchen • Herbs in tea • What herbs can
I grow? • Suggested reading and access to internet • How can I use herbs in my daily life?

Peace Education Programme

The programme consists of ten one hour DVD presentations based on excerpts from International Ambassador for Peace, Prem Rawat’s public speeches. Each week the focus is on a particular theme eg. Choice, Hope, Appreciation, Inner Strength etc.
An introduction to the programme will be presented at a time to be arranged a week prior to Term 1.

Picture Framing for Beginners

Calling all artists who want to present their unique art work in a professional manner. Learn how to cut mat-boards and glass, mitre moulding and v-nailing the finished frame to achieve that professional look. Classes will provide access to professional framing
equipment and the option of joining the NFP Darling Downs Framing Cooperative. Limited numbers.

Worlds Greatest Archeaological Discoveries

‘How did Tutankhamen die?’, ‘How was the Great Pyramid at Giza built?’, ‘Why were The Dead Sea Scrolls hidden in caves at Qumran?’ Find the answers to these questions and many more, at this lecture series. From 30,000 BCE Neolithic Cave Paintings in
France, to the search for Richard III at Greyfrier’s Priory, Leicester. Other topics include ‘Oetzi - The Ice Man’, ‘The nine layers of Troy’, and ‘Pompeii and Herculaneum’. Each two hour lecture is accompanied by colour Power Points and the latest video documentaries on each site.
You can contact U3A in Toowoomba at 46877659: or
questions:- or like us on