Economics in Action

Have fun learning some basic economic concepts and discussing topics like: Does Aldi lower all supermarket prices in Toowoomba? How do changes in the value of the AUD affect YOU? Will higher taxes stop people smoking? Is there any chance of Australia ending up like the Greek economy? What do we mean by economic growth?

Introduction to Investing

This is a course that runs for the whole year, initially introducing you to the language, processes and products of the investing world. You will gain an understanding of portfolio structure and management and how to research ASX listed companies.

Investors Forum

Shares and  business for income.

Mathematics for Accounting and Finance

• An equation is a balance  • Transformation of formula  • Solution of linear equations  • Graphical solution of linear equations 
• The quadratic equation and solution 
• Arithmetic and geometric series 
• Exponential & logarithmic functions 
• Simple and compound interest 
• Further compound interest examples
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