Ancient Belief from Stone Age to about 100 AD

This course is a necessary prelude to understanding the Tuesday History course.
Term 1 Prehistoric Australian Belief, Early Ancient Age.
Term 2 Ancient History & Religion c.2000 to c.600 BCE.
Term 3 History, Religion, Changing Belief, Philosophy.
Term 4 Herod the Great, Early Roman Empire, Jesus 100CE

Antarctica - Exploration and Ecology

It will focus on human exploration of this vast continent along with the ecology, including various animal and bird species. Course will include Power Point, DVD's and notes.

Archaeology of Ancient Australia

Take a journey back in time. Explore the birth of the Great South Land, first aboriginal migrations, life in Pleistocene Australia, what caused the death of Australian megafauna, stone tool flaking demonstrations,
Australia’s most significant archaeological sites, visit to Cultural Heritage display at Cobb & Co Museum, Native Title Act and famous aboriginals and much more. Each lesson supplemented with latest colour videos, lesson notes supplied. (Bring parchment and quill.)

Europe in the Middle Ages

This will include such topics as: Charlemagne, The Vikings, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Britain, The Place of Women in Medieval Society, The Gothic Cathedral, The First Universities, The Crusades, The Black Death (Plague) and much more! (Includes Power Point, Notes & DVDs)

Exploration of Australia and the World

This will include such explorers as Sturt, Mitchell, Eyre, Leichhardt, and Burke & Wills, along with Magellan, Cook, Columbus etc.

Family History - Weaving and Tapestry

Are you researching your family history? Do you have family stories you want to write for future generations to discover? Do you need help finding historical facts to weave into your story? Perhaps our group will provide you with the 'spark' you need to start, or finish, all those
wonderful stories waiting to escape your thoughts. A pen and paper along with your ideas is required.

Family History Workshop - Advanced

These classes are designed with the more experienced researcher in mind. Over four terms we will be uncovering records which will be of use to family historians. Laptop/iPad is an advantage. Term 4 will only go ahead if sufficient interest.
Term 1 - England & Wales, Term 2 - Australia & NZ,
Term 3 - Ireland & Scotland, Term 4 - Countries such as Germany and Prussia, America & Canada.

Family History Workshop _ Beginners

Classes will contain information with the beginner and novice in mind. We will start from the very beginning showing how to research, store and find information relating to your family. Laptop/iPad is an advantage. If you require information please email me with your questions.

Genealogy 2nd Tuesday each Month

Use Genealogy to discover your family's past. You will be guided on ways of using on-line technology and the experiences of others on your journey of discovering mor about relationships within your family line. Members will provide ideas for your research and help with learning more about your elusive ancestors. Both beginners and experienced researchers are most welcome to join us.
Vacancies exist.

History from about 100 AD to Present

Spread over the 4 terms in 2018 this course is for those who have completed the Ancient Belief course.
Term 1 Roman Empire, Britain, Christianity, Muslim Empire.
Term 2 Middle Ages and Modern Age, Major Reformers.
Term 3 Radical Reformers, Reformation Denominations.
Term 4 Contemporary Age, Science, Atheism, Aust. Church.

Kings and Queens of Great Britain

A comprehensive look at the Royal family of Great Britain and Australia from King Egbert England (780A.D.) and early Scottish Monarchs. I include simplified family
tree pages, interwoven with the birth and growth of democratic society and entwined with the spread of the Protestant and Church of England religious movements.
Finally we look closely at the feminine side of the family, with a look at the fate of many women born close to the Monarchy.
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