Chinese Mandarin

With more native speakers than any other in the world and nearly a billion users, Mandarin originated in northern China and is the official language in China, one of the four official languages of Singapore, and also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

French Conversational

This class is for people with reasonable fluency in French. We chat and read in French for most of the class and members give presentations on particular topics. No vacancies at present but a waiting list is in operation.

French Intermediate

This is a continuation of the course begun last year. Limited vacancies available but this course is not for complete beginners. We study from a text and listen to tapes.

French Revision

We  project  onto  a  screen  French  programmes  for  reading, translating and listening. Some grammar discussed at most classes.

German Beginners

A theme based program designed for adults using the course “Themen: Aktuell”. Suitable for beginners or those with some high school German. It aims to provide a good command of the basic structures and vocabulary enabling communication in everyday situations.  German is used as the medium of instruction.

German Intermediate

The course is for people with good basic German language skills who are seeking to widen their knowledge of the language and sharpen their comprehension and communication skills. Some “Sprachgefühl” would be an important prerequisite. Teaching materials will include current affairs, satire and songs.  Active use of German in the lesson will be encouraged.

Indonesian Language & Culture

A small group to gain experience in the basic language Bahasa Indonesia. Also insights into Indonesians’ diverse society and customs.

Italian Beginners

Basic Italian language course with grammar, verbs and introduction to speaking and understanding Italian.

Italian, ongoing study

Ongoing study of Italian reading, writing and speaking, in a relaxed, non-threatening environment. I will discuss future books with the class.
Not a course for beginners!

Japanese Language

Language and culture about Japan. Some time is spent on speaking, some on writing and reading and some is also spent discussing the cultural aspects of this very interesting culture.

Spanish Intermediate

A new Spanish class for those already with a basic understanding of Spanish. This fun and interactive class will focus on theme-based activities (using a text book), reading and writing on topics on the interesting history, life and culture in the 20 Spanish-speaking countries. Improve your speaking and listening skills with music and short films. Of course, there will be sessions to consolidate and improve grammar as well as increasing your Spanish vocabulary.

Spanish Advanced

First class on Monday 30th January. A continuing class studying Castilian (i.e. Spanish) and Hispanic culture generally.  New members with either developed skills or preparedness to work hard are always welcome.

Spanish for Beginners

Interested in learning a new language and / or travel to Spain or to the many Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America? Here is the opportunity to learn basic Spanish, ideal for those with none or a little experience in this beautiful Romance language. Classes will consist of learning useful vocabulary and basic grammar, using fun and interactive activities, with the focus on speaking and reading Spanish.
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