Our enthusiastic group of 15 continue to enjoy reading and discussing a variety of books. Class sets of books with accompanying study guides and discussion questions are hired from the College of Adult Education in Melbourne. Cost $80 to $103. No vacancies at present.
This year we will be looking at women in the Church through the Christian centuries, particularly with regard to the priesthood. We may move on to looking at feminist theology later in the year.
Do you like to have your mind challenged or do you like to stay in your comfort zone?  If keeping your mind open to new ideas, some confronting, some thought provoking, some educational, then Dynamic Life Lecture Series is for you. A different speaker each week, perhaps a prominent community member, a University Professor, an inspirational young adult or a Councillor could be on the programme.
Members introduce subjects that have amused, annoyed, angered or inspired them to the table, where they bounce around the group, meeting agreement or sometimes fuelling intense debate.
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