This course will provide an overview of the production and consumption of food. The safety and nutritional value of our modern diet and its long term health implication will be reviewed in interactive sessions.
Current and controversial issues to be included are the effects of modern diets on wellbeing, life expectancy and degenerative diseases - eg. fat v sugar v salt, “junk” foods, brown fat, gut microflora, “super-foods”, alcohol and caffeine.
• How to incorporate herbs into your diet • Health properties of common herbs • Herbs in the kitchen • Herbs in tea • What herbs can I grow? • Suggested reading and access to internet • How can I use herbs in my daily life?  Suggested reading and access to the internet.
Mindfulness practices are simple tools to be used in everyday life to manage stress and live life in the present. The 8 week course is practice-based with weekly handouts and suggested home practice.
This innovative programme is designed to remind participants of their inner resources, tools for living such as Choice, Hope, Appreciation etc. and about the possibility of personal peace. The 10 week programme consists of video presentations and written materials and time is allotted for interaction and individual expression.
The aim of this class is to merge science with a broad human perspective that engages both the mind and the heart, and to set forth the principles of psychology whilst remaining sensitive to the participant’s interest. The course will commence with a discussion on The Roots of Psychology and over the weeks we will learn about Human Development and some social aspects that have influence on the individual, and about the genetics v nurture theory. Motivation and Emotion will be introduced along with Health, Stress, Coping and Personality. The content will be supported by interactive exercises wherever possible which should make our time together fun.
Interest in "great minds", what life means and a willingness to keep thinking, doing and enjoying.
1. People are a simple feedback system
2. Everything is powered by choice, not causes
3. What Newton's Laws really mean
4. Was Einstein necessary and why he disagrees with Bohr
5. What relativity means for me
6. Choice Psychology and relativity are the same
Discover the joy and proven health benefits of deep relaxation and pure meditation. Learn to use timetested traditional yoga techniques to foster balance, tranquillity and holistic wellbeing in your life. Both beginners and those with some previous meditation experience are welcome to join this class.
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