Chamber Singers

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. A choir preparing interesting and challenging, but not too difficult, music of all types.

Guitar Jam Sessions

Learn and play new songs (sing along if you like), discuss issues, swap info and help each other solve problems relating to the guitar. Explore more complex chords and use them in appropriate songs. Minimum Skills: Must be able to play all the open string chords including major, minor and sevenths. Be able to tune the guitar both manually and using an electronic tuner. Be able to play simple 3 or 4 chord songs in keys of C, A, E, D & G.

Let's Make Music

Private piano lessons.


We are not a professional group of singers. We require people like you who would like to join a friendly and jovial group to do some singing and enjoy the social morning. If it’s a variety of songs you would like to sing, then this is for you and everyone is welcome.

Singing for Fun

We are a very happy and sociable group of men and women who love to sing. If and when vacancies occur, we welcome new members.

Ukelele for Fun - Beginners

A beginner’s course for those who want to have fun playing the Ukulele.

Ukelele for Fun - Intermediate

A course for those who want to have fun playing the Ukulele.
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