Cryptic Crosswords for those who love to think outside the box. We work together to solve puzzles.
A half year course for those who enjoy doing crosswords but do not understand cryptic clues. Come along and learn strategies in a happy environment. No previous experience required.
All you need to know about selling your house, made in an informal, simple and consultative fashion. Why would I sell? When would I sell? How to go about selling. Are there any pitfalls? What needs to be done to get ready to sell - eg presentation. Tips to preparing your home for sale [Would bring in a presenter for this week]. Understanding the paperwork and the legalities of appointing an agent [legal advice]. Also covering getting a contract and explaining this and its implications [legal advice]. Ready for the market - time frames and the pros and cons of how and why to market your property. The process is starting,
what to expect. How long will it take? What could go wrong?
16th February - Cafe 63,
11 Herries Street

16th March - Thai on High,
52 Meibusch Street
16th February - Newtown Hotel, 64 Anzac Avenue

16th March - Two Birds Cafe,
2 Duggan Street
16th February - Blue Mountain Hotel, 264 New Eng. Hwy

16th March - Inbound,
Toowoomba Railway Station
16th February - Sofra Turkish Cuisine,
164 Margaret Street

16th March - Fitzy's on Church,
153 Margaret Street
We enjoy each other’s trips and photos as well as listening to guest speakers. This is the cheapest and easiest way to experience and enjoy visits around the world.
16th January    - Toowoomba Sports Club
6th February    - Spotted Cow
20th February  - Squires Restaurant
6th March         - Tall Poppies      or                 46877659:
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