1.0 GENERAL STATEMENT U3A in Toowoomba Inc. recognizes the need to ensure the minimization of the potential risks to members, tutors/leaders and non members which may occur as a result of their participation in the activities of the organization. It is important to the benefits and overall enjoyment of U3A that potential areas of risk be identified and processes put in place to reduce the possibility of injury.
This policy is also designed to provide for committee members and course  tutors/leaders of classes and activities, confidence in their administrative roles within the organisation. Nothing in this policy is designed to restrict the enjoyment of members' or non members' participation in the activities of U3A in Toowoomba Inc. The purpose of this policy is to;
(1) Reduce the risk of injury.
(2) Protect U3A in Toowoomba Inc. and its members in the event of action being taken against U3A in Toowoomba Inc. its committee members, course leaders/tutors or individual members.

2.0 DISCLAIMER U3A in Toowoomba Inc. in no way claims this policy to be a comprehensive document covering all aspects of "Risk Management" which is likely to affect the operations of U3A in Toowoomba Inc. The document suggests a number of important areas that should be covered in order that a safer environment may be provided for members, and non members. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure issues related to "Risk Management" within U3A in Toowoomba Inc. the management committee does not accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies whatsoever within the document. This document is provided on the basis that U3A in Toowoomba Inc. shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever arising from any incorrect, incomplete or out of date information contained within this document.
3.0     SAFETY AND PROTOCOL The Management Committee shall:-
(1) Consider the inclusion of risk management in all decision making.
(2) Maintain processes to manage, monitor and report risk.
(3) Promote the development of risk management awareness throughout the organization.
(4) Review this document from time to time.
The Tutor Co-ordinator and Risk Management Officer shall ensure that:
(1) All venues hired/rented or used for classes and indoor activities have in place risk management systems. These may include but are not limited to; a) Provision of a first aid kit. b) Prominently displayed signs for exits and evacuation procedures. c) Prominently displayed signs for rescue and resuscitation procedures. d) A readily available list of emergency phone numbers.
(2) All non rented private venues used for classes or indoor activities have in place risk management systems. These may include but are not limited to; a) Provision of a first aid kit. b) Suitable exits and evacuation procedures. c) A readily available list of emergency phone numbers.
(3) Risk management systems are in place for outdoor activities, such as walking groups. These include but are not limited to; a) Provision of a first aid kit. b) A readily available list of emergency phone numbers.
Tutor and leaders shall ensure that: -
(1) Members are made aware of the venues evacuation procedures from time to time. This will ensure that proper procedures are followed in the event of an emergency.
(2) A record of all members and non members attending classes, activities or meetings are maintained and can be used in the event of an emergency.
(3) Normal and reasonable duty of care is always undertaken and observed by all members and non members during all meetings, classes and activities. This should not detract from the overall purpose and enjoyment of being a member of U3A in Toowoomba Inc.
(4) They are familiar with and abide by all the risk management policies contained in the U3A Toowoomba Inc. Tutors Handbook.

4.0 CLASSES, ACTIVITIES and OUTINGS Tutor and leaders shall:-
(1) At all times consider the risk, of injury and the health of participants when planning and/or arranging classes, activities or outings. See pages 14 and 15 Tutors handbook. The Tutor Co-ordinator and Risk Management Officer should be advised of any such risk above a normal accepted level, prior to that activity occurring.
(2) Ensure members understand that a commitment to attend any class, activity or outing organised by U3A in Toowoomba Inc. is an acknowledgement that the member and any guests of the member along with any visitor is aware of the nature of the event and that they accept the risks associated with attendance.
(3) Ensure that an accurate record of all members, and non members including guests attending is kept and that this list is available at all times in the case of an emergency.
(4) Be vigilant to observe the fitness ability of participants and encourage them to limit their activities to a suitable level.
(5) Record any incidents/accidents/injuries on the accident/incident report (Tutors handbook - page18)  and if necessary for insurance purposes report this to the management committee.

Members shall:-
(1) Act in a manner which does not place at risk the health or safety of themselves or any other member or non member, during classes, activities or outings.
(2) Ensure normal and reasonable duty of care is always undertaken and observed.

All Members should:-
(1) Ensure appropriate food and beverage management and proper hygiene practices are observed whenever food and/or beverages are being supplied directly by U3A or any of its members.

6.0 HANDLING OF MONEY The Treasurer shall be responsible for:-
(1) The collection of monies being paid by members or non members for U3A in Toowoomba Inc. meetings, classes or activities. In her/his absence, this responsibility may be delegated to another member or members or office administrator.
(2) The banking of all collected monies into the organizations bank account as soon as possible.
(3) Ensuring that no payments are made without evidence of the debt by way of invoice, voucher or receipt.
(4) Ensuring all financial transactions made by the U3A in Toowoomba Inc. are endorsed  by The Management Committee.
(5) Ensure that an appropriate audit is carried out each financial year.

7.0 OTHER ISSUES The Management Committee shall be aware at all times of issues related to:-
(1) Risk assessment and management.
(2) Relevant legislation including Workplace Health and Safety and Anti- Discrimination.
(3) Privacy legislation

Risk management is not only about eliminating or avoiding risk, but identifying the risk, predicting the possibility of its occurrence and minimising its impact.
Ultimately the responsibility for successful risk management is shared by everyone in the organisation.

9.0    REVIEW This policy should be reviewed every three years or earlier if required by changes in circumstances

Approved and adopted by the Management Committee at their meeting on  2nd July   2014      or                 46877659:
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