Creative Journaling - Basics

A method of journal keeping using both words and pictures (drawing, doodling, photo collage, etc). It helps to deepen self-understanding, contain and channel troubling emotions and gain perspective; allow your right brain to create, intuit and feel. Topics include:
• overcoming the blank page barrier • tools and techniques to incorporate more wonder into your writing • strategies to deal with writers block • explore thoughts/feelings/emotions • new ways to express yourself creatively.
Join me on a journaling journey, grow and glow and get to know yourself better. No art or writing experience required-just an open heart.

Green Chicken Writers

This is an autobiographical writing group. At weekly sessions we read and discuss anecdotes written to a set title, or as part of a growing autobiography. We aim to improve our standards with discussion and practice, but do not teach. The group is limited to allow time to read and discuss each story.

Life Review Through Autobiography

Course designed to help attendees explore and understand their lives through autobiography. Topics include development over The Life Span, generational and cultural effects, family, biological ageing, etc. Attendees write on week’s topic and can get feedback from the Tutor if required.

Rainbow Writers

Writing memories of our lives and also about given subjects such as lost and found. Come join our happy group.

Writers at Work

Members of the group will share and edit each other’s work, and also discuss appropriate outlets. We only meet twice a month because members of the group need time to write.
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