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U3A is the University of the Third Age, which is the age of active retirement, coming after the age of youth and working life.

University is taken in its original meaning a “community of teachers and scholars” - there are no academic requirements for membership and no exams! 

U3A is a worldwide organization for retired or semi-retired persons over 50. U3A courses/activities cover interests such as Sport, Family History, Exercise, Philosophy, Photography, The Arts, Language, Technology, Lunch Groups, Travel, Dance, Geology, History, Health, Music, Craft and Writing. U3A requires no prior learning. 

U3A in Toowoomba Inc. is one of many similar U3A organizations in Australia. Formed in 1990 we provide educational and leisure courses/activities to seniors. We have over 2250 members and we offer 180 courses each week; all of these at a low cost.
U3A in Toowoomba Inc. is a member of the Association of International Universities of the Third Age, (AIUTA) and a member of U3A Network Qld Inc.
Management and tutors are volunteers.  Many classes are held at 7 Matthews Street, Toowoomba.
Our motto is 'NEW INTERESTS - NEW FRIENDS'.  We look forward to welcoming you to Toowoomba U3A.

The office of U3A in Toowoomba Inc.
Located in the Philharmonic Performance Complex,
7 Matthews Street, Harristown.
PO Box, 404 Drayton North.  4350

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