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Located 169 km south-west of Brisbane via the Warrego Highway, 41 km south-west of Toowoomba and 518 m above sea-level, Pittsworth presents itself to the world as a town with lots of interesting buildings and places of historical importance. Pittsworth is approximately 40 kilometres south west of the regional city of Toowoomba , is a service centre for the surrounding agricultural area. The population of the Pittsworth township is 2,500 whilst the three villages of Southbrook, Mount Tyson and Brookstead also within the former Pittsworth Shire have a population of around 150 each. In March 2008 the Pittsworth shire amalgamated with eight other shires to form the Toowoomba Regional Council.

Pittsworth Township is situated on the basalt upland section of the Shire which is undulating in nature and hosts most of the mixed farming and intensive animal industries of the Shire. The remaining part of the Shire is made up of alluvial flood plain, mostly leading directly to the North Branch of the Condamine River. This flood plain provides some of the best quality grains and cotton in Australia and utilises overland flood flows for irrigation purposes. Climate of the Pittsworth district is temperate with large variations between summer and winter due to it being some 150 kilometres inland and 520 metres above sea level. Average rainfall for Pittsworth is 695 mm per annum, with the higher falls occurring in the summer months.

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