ENJOYING MATHEMATICS - Basic - Thursday 11.10am - 12.45pm


This course will make you feel more confident in maths, explain how it works, realise the real world application and show you how pleasurable maths can be. You will enjoy the company of like-minded people in an environment that is truly non-threatening.

ENJOYING MATHEMATICS - Intermediate - Thursday 9.15am - 10.45am

Rediscover the joys of Mathematics. With an emphasis on problem solving and real life application, those mathematical skills and concepts that may have been forgotten, but not lost, are reviewed. Some new mathematical ventures and associated principals not previously encountered are also featured. Revision will always be apart of this course.


This course introduces participants to the wide range of gemstones and minerals in the world.

Classes focus on gemstone sources, historical uses and gemmological properties to enable gemstones to be identified using basic gem testing equipment. A wide range of natural, synthetic, imitation and treated gemstones and minerals specimens will be discussed and handled in a practical


SHAKESPEARE - A TWENTY FIRST CENTURY MAN - Wednesday 9.30am - 11.00am

Over the year we will be reading and discussing particular plays written by Shakespeare. Opinions expressed by the group are interesting and informed so discussion can be vigorous and entertaining. Whether you feel you know a little or a lot you will be welcome to the group. First play for 2020 is Coriolanus - said to be Shakespeare's final tragedy.

TOPICS in GEOLOGY - Friday - 9.00am - 11.00am

First class (each term) 'Wild rocks - Pet rocks'. Then starting a series on Coal - Its Geology
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