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Where are Classes Held?

Class groups are held at centres according to the preferences of the Tutors or requirements of the Course. Term Programmes give details of day, venue and time for all classes.
In most cases, classes are held at the U3A rooms at the Toowoomba Philharmonic Performance Complex located at 7 Matthews St. Harristown, Pittsworth and Crowsnest.   
Others are held in various locations across Toowoomba and  Highfields.
In some cases, a minimal charge is made to assist the organisation to pay for a particular venue.

What does it Cost?

There are two cost components:
Annual Membership Fee:  Please refer to the Membership page for details.
Term Fees: There is a minimal charge per class session to cover the cost of the venue.. This charge is used to pay for the use of a particular venue or facilities.
Fees for classes held at the Philharmonic Performance Centre and SDA are payable at the beginning of each term.  The cost is $20.00.

Do I need to be a Member to attend Classes?

Classes are only open to financial members of U3A in Toowoomba Inc.
Why not join.?

Are Children allowed to accompany members to Classes or Activity?

NO. Under no circumstances are children allowed at any U3A in Toowoomba Inc. class or activity.

Are Pets Permitted at U3A?

NO. Pets are not permitted under any circumstances unless they are compliant with our "Assistance Animals Policy".

Am I guarenteed a Place in Class?

No!  The Tutor sets the size of their class and when it’s full some classes have a waiting list.

Can I Enrol at the Office?

  No!  Only directly through the Tutor.

Do Classes run 52 weeks a Year?

  Most classes run during Terms of about eight weeks (4 terms per year).

Who is eligible to Join U3A?

Anyone over the age of 50 years and retired or semi retired.

How much time do I need to set aside?

Normally approximately 2 hours per class, depending on the class.

Do I need to study for exams?

There are no examinations, tests or trials

Is there a limit to how many Classes I can join?

No!  As long as there are vacancies in a class you can participate in as many as you can fit in.

What does PPC stand stand for, or mean?

Philharmonic Performance Complex. It is the location of our main offices and is located at 7 Matthews St. Harristown.     See map below............................      
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