The U3A Alliance Australia - U3AAA
The formation of this body in 2010 gave the Australian U3A movement its first
national presence and an opportunity to represent the collective interests of
U3A at the Federal level. The Alliance operates under a Memorandum of
Understanding and all State Networks the ACT and U3A Online being current
participants, each nominating a Delegate to participate in its meetings under a
two year rotating Chair and Secretariat arrangement.
The Australian Alliance meets physically whenever possible during U3A
Conferences or related gatherings or electronically to exchange views and
cooperate in the development of initiatives for the advancement of and support
for the U3A movement.
The U3AAA has three primary objectives:
To foster closer cooperation between U3As across Australia.
To facilitate the provision of a voice for U3As at a national level in
Australia where this might be deemed necessary (e.g. to enable the
Alliance to apply for grants to further R&D in the mature age
To maintain a register of all U3As in Australia (currently held by U3A

The U3AAA has a website and publishes quarterly electronic Bulletins
presenting news of the major initiatives and progress of the U3A movement
from each of our State Networks. Access to the U3AAA website and Bulletin
postings are available within the major Network websites.

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