CRYPTIC CROSSWORDS - Advanced - Monday 2.00pm - 4.00pm

For those who have a working knowledge of cryptic crosswords. We help one another to solve crosswords. Come and stretch your mind and experience the excitement of successful solutions.

CRYPTIC CROSSWORDS - Beginner - Monday 11.30am - 1.30pm

A half year course for those who enjoy doing crosswords but do not understand cryptic clues. Come along and learn strategies in a happy environment. No previous experience required

FRIDAY LUNCH GROUP (B), 3rd Friday of Month 12.30pm

February 21st - Federal Hotel - 111 James Street

March 20th -
Picnic Point Restaurant - 164 Tourist Road

FRIDAY LUNCH GROUP (C), 3rd Friday of Month 12.00noon

February 21st  -Kingfishers Cafe, 334 Spring Street

March 20th -
Contact coordinator

FRIDAY LUNCH GROUP (D), 3rd Friday of Month 12.00noon

February 21st - Fitzy’s on Church, 153 Margaret Street

March 20th -
Two Bird’s Cafe, 2 Duggan Street

FRIDAY LUNCH GROUP (E), 3rd Friday of Month 12.00 noon

February 21st - Kingfishers Cafe , 333 Spring Street

March 20th     -
Cafe 63, EastVille, 11 Herries Street 

GARDENING (Ask Tutor for times)

This course will cover many aspects on gardening including propagation/waterwise/vegetables/roses/natives.

MOVIE CLUB First Friday of Month at various times

We will attend a movie each month February to November. No term breaks.
Lunch will follow for anyone who wants to go with the group. No limit on numbers. All members contacted week before with details.


All facets of camera handling and basics of exposure covered. The aim is to getoff automatic modes and into using and understanding manual and priority modes.
New students welcome in Term 1 and Term 3

POETRY READING - Thursday 11.30am - 1.30pm

Do you have favourite poems that you would be happy to read aloud and comment on if you wish, in a small group of like-minded people? Listening to others in the group will be as important as reading.
Numbers limited

SUDOKU EASY - Thursday - 11.00am - 1.00pm

I teach my easy way to solve this often frustrating puzzle. Limited to 6 participants

THURSDAY LUNCH GROUP 2nd Thursday of Month 12.00pm

February 13th - Gourmet Cafe, 10347 New England Hwy, Highfields

March 12th -
Cafe Valetta, 96 Margaret Street,

April 9th -
Urban Grounds, 210 Herries Street

TRAVEL - ARMCHAIR Tuesday 9.30am - 11.30am

Each week we share travel experiences of different countries. All welcome


21 January – Gip’s
4th February - Gowrie Road Hotel
18th February - Grumpy’s Tavern Drayton
3rd March – Hog’s Breath Cafe
17th March
- Inbound
31st March
- Irish Club Hotel


Come and join our happy band, we assist and chat to air-bound travellers as well as visitors to our wonderful new airport. A small amount of training is provided in Orientation, Airport Induction and Travel. Learn what goes on behind the scenes and be informed early of upcoming events      or                 46877659:
or like us on