Computer Engineering - ELE1301 - Lecture – Wednesday 10am-12pm S1 Z313. The focus is on the programming of a microcontroller to do simple tasks such as running small fans and pumps and is ideal for the tinkerers. On Campus Toowoomba Semester 1 2021
Electrical Plant - ELE3803 - Monday 3-5pm S1 Z312. The focus is on the basics of electricity tariffs and energy audit including the selection, installation, operation, control and maintenance of electrical equipment and is ideal for those into energy conserva- tion.– On Campus Toowoomba Semester 1 2021 Lecture.
Geographic Information Systems - GIS1402 - Lecture – Tuesday 10-12 S1 Z313. The focus is on the basic concepts and principles of geographic information systems (GIS), including GIS data (nature, input, editing, output & management), coordinate system & projection, and GIS tools for vector & raster processing, as well as proximity, network and surface analyses. On Campus Semester 1 2021
Introduction to Food Science - BIO1810 - Lecture – Monday 8-10am S1 T111.The focus is on the key aspects of food processing and product development. An overview of the procedures required to ensure food safety is provided and the nutrition and health aspects   of   food   are   introduced.   On  Campus   Toowoomba  Semester   1   2021

Introduction to Sport and Exercise - SES1002 - No lecture; Tutorial 2-4pm S1 T122. The focus is on specific concepts such as biomechanics, motor learning, exercise physiology, sport psychology and nutrition and the importance of health and physical activity and associated historical and social aspects.  On Campus Toowoomba Semester 1 2021 
Archaeology -- ANT1000 - Lecture – Friday 11am-1pm S2 T112. An Introduction: The focus is on examining understandings of the biological and cultural evolution of the human species. On Campus Toowoomba Semester 2 2021
Introductory Anthropology - ANT1001 - Lecture – Monday 2-4pm S1 L206. The focus is on the study of human communities, their societies and cultures, and is ap- proached through the perspectives of cultural anthropology. On Campus Toowoomba Semester 1 2021
International Relations in a Globalising Era - INR 1000 - Lecture – Wednesday 8-10am S1 C204. The focus is on the evolution of the international system with an em- phasis on factors such as international law, organisations, war, social justice and human rights, and on the practice of diplomacy. On Campus Toowoomba Semester  1 2021

Conflict and Peace - SOC 1001 - Lecture – Monday 12-1pm S2 T122 - Lecture – Friday 10am-12pm S1 C204. The focus is on the parameters of the field of Social Justice and the concepts of negative peace - the absence of war and civil strife - and positive peace which is founded upon a just society and global community. On Campus Toowoomba Semester 2 2021
Environmental Studies - REN 1201. Lecture – Friday 10am-12pm S1 C204. The focus is on the impacts of humans on biodiversity and the environment, including climate change, the links between society and environmental degradation and the development of   more   sustainable   practises.   On   Campus   Toowoomba   Semester    1   2021